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Special Meeting - 290th Anniversary & Festival of St John the Evangelist

On Thursday, 27th of December the brethren of Lodge Greenock Kilwinning NoXII celebrated the 290th anniversary of the lodge, on the Feast Day of St John the Evangelist. Such an event has not taken place on this date since the lodge's bicentennial meeting  in 1928.
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The lodge was opened in due and antient form by Bro J Robert Crossan RWM in the Chair. It is worthy of note, that as in bygone days of yore the brethren sat in open lodge at properly set tables. As is the tradition of the lodge, the deputation of visitors was led by the Master of Lodge Doric Kilwinning 68 who was invited to join Bro Crossan in the East. The Director of Ceremonies, Bro Allan MacFeate, PM then presented the PG Master, his Depute and a deputation from PG Lodge. After the Master had presented the emblem of power and authority to the PG Master, the gavel was returned and the minute of the first meeting of Lodge Greenock Kilwinning, dated 27th December 1728, was read by the lodge Secretary and thereafter the lodge went from Labour to Refreshment. An excellent meal of steak pie and vegetables, followed by a superb cheese course and tea/coffee was then served. Two verses of the National Anthem was sung and the usual loyal and Masonic toasts were observed and the PG Master replied to the appropriate ones. The singing of Rule Britannia was lustily led by Bro Alan D Beck PM and Bro Iain White PM then gave a short presentation on "NoXII and The Feast of St John the Evangelist" wherein he spoke of the importance of this date to the lodge and also gave a very interesting resume of various St John's Day meetings from the lodge's history.

Bro Beck PM then gave a talk entitled "Looking Forward to the Tercentenary" wherein he described the format of the 300th anniversary meeting and how the funds required to pay for its celebrations might be raised.

Bro James Hamilton, Master of Lodge Doric Kilwinning 68 replied eloquently to the Toast to The Visitors from Junior Warden Bro Robert J Bain PM. The special prize raffle of corporate hospitality for four people at Greenock Morton (worth £400) was won by Bro Ronnie McCallum, Senior Deacon of Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning 217. Thereafter the lodge was returned from Refreshment to Labour and then closed in due and antient form.


All in all this was a lovely and significant meeting for Lodge Greenock Kilwinning and all who were there agreed that it had been a privilege to have been involved in such an historic night for the lodge. The next meeting of NoXII scheduled to take place on the Feast Day of St John the Evangelist will be on Wednesday 27th of December, 2028 - the 300th anniversary of the lodge ... it is expected to be an even "grander" affair!

Bro Alan D Beck, PM

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IMG 4389IMG 4391

Visit to The Lodge of Erskine No 1566 – 13th November 2018

Having been formerly invited by RWM Bro Ronnie Armstrong of The Lodge of Erskine No 1566 to lead a deputation into their Lodge and confer a Second Degree on the night, our new RWM Bro Bob Crossan was only too happy to accept.

On Thursday 13th November 2018, along with a fantastic number of No XII Past Masters, Office Bearers and Brethren, our RWM duly led the deputation into the Lodge. This was actually the ‘new teams’ first rendition of a degree. After a very warm welcome by RWM Bro Ronnie Armstrong and the Brethren of the Lodge, our RWM and PMs were invited to the East. The Lodge still had a couple of business items, including the collection, prior to the Gavel being presented to our RWM Bro Bob Crossan to carry out the Passing on the night. After the usual remarks on the presentation of the Gavel our RWM asked for the office bearers to be exchanged in favour of No XII office bearers and immediately put the Lodge into recess to allow us to setup.

As the evening’s degree would in fact be an exemplification our HM Bro Tony Stewart volunteered to be the Candidate. After approximately 5 mins our RWM resumed the session and we began the Passing. The Candidate was received in due and ancient form by our IG for the evening Bro Alistair Glenny PM and then he was asked to kneel for Lodge Prayer, delivered by our Bible Bearer Bro Alex Gray. The proper method of advancing from West to East was demonstrated by our SD Bro Campbell Snoddy and once presented at the Alter our RWM Bro Bob Crossan carried out the Obligation of the Second Degree. The Secrets of the Second, Square or Fellowcraft Degree were then communicated by Bro Alan Beck PM after which the Candidate was passed to the Wardens.

Next came the investing of the Apron which was carried out by our WSW Bro Brian McFadyen, who is a Past Master of The Lodge of Erskine No 1566. The Candidate was then placed in the SE corner of the Lodge and the Working Tools were delivered by Bro Allan MacFeate PM. The Lecture on the Tracing Board was then delivered by our Secretary Bro Ken MacDougall is his usual expert manner. To conclude the ceremony of the Passing the Charge was given by our IPM Bro Allan Glen.

Both RWMs then came from East to West to congratulate and thank the ‘newly made’ Fellowcraft Freemason Bro Tony Stewart and he was duly greeted by all of the Brethren present.

RWM Bro Bob Crossan then thanked all of the Degree team, all of the Brethren of No XII and a special thanks to Bro James Livingston for playing the organ, for accompanying him on the evening. He then presented RWM Bro Ronnie Armstrong with a small token of the friendship between the Lodges and returned the Gavel to him. RWM Bro Ronnie Armstrong then thanked our Lodge for coming up to confer the degree of the evening and asked if we cared to retire, which of course was duly accepted.

At the close of the meeting, after moving from the cold lounge area back into the Lodge room instead, we enjoyed a great Harmony together which include lovely minestrone soup, pies and sausage rolls. We all then had to face the cold of the night and most of us made it back home on the same day as we left, only just !!

Thanks again to all of the No XII Brethren who came up to Erskine and to Bro Alistair Glenny PM and IPM Allan Glen for filling in as IG and JD respectfully. Huge thanks also to Bro Jim Livingston for his musical accompaniment, to Bro Ian Dyer for bringing along/giving out/collecting back in the No XII hymn books and to HM Bro Tony Stewart for standing in as the Candidate for the evening .

RWM Bro Bob Crossan


Merry Christmas

Christmas 2018

Forthcoming Special Meeting 290th Anniversary and Festival of St John the Evangelist 27th December 2018

Thanks to Bro Iain White PM for the following article taken from Twelve Talk No 116

In another ‘Back to the Future’ initiative No XII will have a Special Meeting on 27th December to celebrate the 290th Anniversary of the Lodge and also the Festival of St John the Evangelist. The Lodge will be opened and then quickly go into harmony. There will be a 3-course dinner, provided by ICE Scotland and the usual Loyal and Masonic toasts will be observed. In addition, Bro Iain White PM will present a short paper entitled “No XII and the Festival of St John the Evangelist” and Bro. Alan D Beck PM will speak on the theme “Looking forward to the Tercentenary in 2028.” Freemasonry historically acknowledges St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist as its patron saints, reveres their memory, points to their exemplary lives in its ritualistic work, and dedicates its Lodges to them. The Feast of St. John, the Baptist, is celebrated on June 24th and the Feast of St. John, the Evangelist, on December 27th. St John the Evangelist has been particular associated with lodges in Scotland.

Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No XII had its first meeting on the day of St John the Evangelist, January 27th, 1728. This date was marked in No XII for This practice was observed in No XII for decades in the 19th and early 20th Centuries by a meeting and celebration on 27th December. This practice was also followed in the other local Lodges and visiting Deputations were exchanged. The celebration of the Feast was suspended when our country was plunged into the Great War. There was no celebration in 1914 because, with the onset of the Great War, it was felt by the brethren that this would not be appropriate. The evidence from the Minutes is as follows

At a Meeting of Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No 12 held in the Saloon of the Town Hall on Tuesday 15th Dec 1914 at 730pm

Bro RC Smith IPM in the Chair

The Lodge having opened in the EA Degree, the question of the propriety of holding a Meeting on St John’s Night was remitted to the Office Bearers

At a Meeting of the Executive held at the end of the foregoing Lodge Meeting on Tuesday 15th Dec 1914 at 730pm

Bro RC Smith IPM presided

St John’s Night not to be held this Year
The question of the propriety of holding a meeting on St John’s Night was before the meeting. After opinions had been expressed it was unanimously resolved to let this year pass without celebrating that time-honoured Festival in the usual manner.

The Festival remained suspended during the War Years but returned in 1920 as can be seen from the minute extract below.

Tuesday 14th December 1920

Bro John D MacFarlane, RW Master, in the Chair at a Meeting of the General Committee

Festival of St John the Evangelist

After an expression of opinion by members of the Committee, it was agreed that the Lodge should celebrate the Festival of St John the Evangelist on Monday 27th December… the meeting to be held in the Saloon and, that owing to the limited accommodation, it should be restricted to our qualified members and visiting brethren who were members of deputations.

It was stated that the Festival of St John the Evangelist was last celebrated by the Lodge in December 1913.

The Sub Committee appointed to carry out arrangements to consist of the RW Master, Secretary, Dir of Ceremonies, Dir of Music and Chief Steward.

It was resolved that an Offering on behalf of the Greenock War Memorial should be taken that evening.

From the opening paragraph, they were obviously expecting a crowd! The meeting duly took place and deputations were sent out to Lodge Greenock St John’s No 175, Cumberland Kilwinning No 217, Firth of Clyde Gourock No 626 and Crawfurdsburn Greenock No 1121. Deputations were received from these Lodges and also from Lodge Sir Michael No 989. The collection for the Greenock War memorial amounted to £8:9:6d augmented by a £20 donation from Lodge funds. (£28-9-6d donated on 25th January 1921 is equivalent to £1201.00 in 2018).

However, the next year saw the country struggling economically in the light of a world trade depression. It was decided not to hold the Festival (extract of Minutes below). From my researches thus far, it did not return - until this year, that is!!

Tuesday 13th December 1921

At a Meeting of the General Committee held at the close of the Lodge Meeting

Bro Duncan C Kerr RWM in the Chair

It was agreed that the Festival of St John should not be celebrated this year. The decision was

arrived at in view of the prevailing trade depression and its consequent unemployment

The Programme for the Festival of 1892 is in the Lodge Archives. We shall have a much smaller number of speeches. Bro Tony Buckley is working on the menu!!

FoStJ pg1FoStJ pg2

Honour for Bro. Alistair Glenny PM

Alistair and James Watt

Bro Alistair Glenny PM was honoured by the Grand Master Mason at The Annual Installation of Grand Lodge on Thursday 29th November 2017 when he bestowed Honorary Grand Rank of Grand Almoner upon him. In masonic parlance, this recognition of Alistair is “peculiarly appropriate and well deserved.” As well as serving as a conscientious, empathetic and efficient Almoner for No XII, Bro Alistair discharges the same role for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West. Bro Alistair follows Bro KK Morrison PM in 2017, Bro John Adamson PM in the 1990s and Bro Archie Campbell PM in the 1970s in receiving Honorary Grand Rank.

Bro Alistair was Initiated into No XII on 19th September 1972, Passed on 3rd October 1972 and Raised on 7th November 1972. He served as Right Worshipful Master between 1983 and 1985.

The Prince’s Royal Arch Chapter No 189 Dinner Pollok Golf Club Friday 9th November

Thanks to Bro Iain White PM for the following article taken from Twelve Talk No 116IainWPollock

I had the great pleasure of being the guest speaker at the Annual Dinner of the Prince’s Royal Arch Chapter No 189. It was chaired by its First Principal, Ian Hislop, who is also a Past Master of the Glasgow Kilwinning Lodge No 4. It was a very pleasant evening, held in beautiful surroundings in the lounge of the Pollok Golf Club on Glasgow’s Southside. The food was splendid, and the company was most convivial. I was sitting between MEC Ian and Bro Jim Peddie RWPGM of Glasgow, so the craic was good. Also, at the top table was MEC James Orr, Depute Grand Superintendent for the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Glasgow and MEC Raymond Innes, Depute First Principal of The Prince’s Royal Arch Chapter.

I knew many who were present, either because they were members of Lodge The Prince’s No 607 with me or of its Sister Lodges. The photo on the left shows the author with MEC Ian Hislop who is paying the wages of appreciation.


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