The Scots Lodge No 2319 meets in London and there have been links between it and No XII for many years. It all started with Bro Henry Sebbon Tibbles. Born on 4th November 1919 in Minster, by Sheerness (Kent), henry took his first degree in No XII during the Second World War on 10th November 1942. At that time he was in the Royal Navy and stationed locally. He spent all of the war years in the Navy, marrying Gourock girl Muriel along the way. When Henry returned to civvy street, the printing trade beckoned and he rose to the position of Company Director. Unfortunately for No XII, promotion took Henry to London, but XII’s loss was The Scots’ Lodge’s gain and he joined No 2319 (English Constitution) on 24th April 1969. Henry’s enthusiasm led him to be installed as Worshipful Master of The Scots’ Lodge in 1980. At this time, he brought a deputation up to the Town Hall when Bro Kenneth K Morrison was Master of No XII and very strong links between the two Lodges began to develop. These have been further cemented over the years by visitations to Greenock and London by The Scots Lodge and No  XII.

Photographs of some of the Scots’ visits North are featured below. In the first of these we see that very first visitation. From the left are Bros William W Irving PM, Alistair Glenny WJW, Henry S Tibbles WM No 2319 (EC) and Kenneth K Morrison RWM.


We move then to 1984, when Bro Alistair Glenny was RWM. Again, a deputation came from London and the brethren are in the two photos below. I am grateful to Bro Alistair Glenny PM for the coloured photo and to Bro Peter R Sinclair PM for the monochrome image. Past Worshipful Masters of The Scots’ Lodge, Bros Ian Rainford and Peter Niven were very helpful in assisting the identification of brethren from 2319



Finally comes the visit of 2012 when Bro Robert J Bain was in the Chair of No XII. The names in this photo were supplied, at the time of the visit by Bro Keith Ferries PM who, sadly, has since to the Grand Lodge Above. On this  occasion, the Brethren of The Scots’ Lodge were busy because the night before they had given an exemplification in Gourock at Lodge Firth of Clyde.


I am uncertain if more visitations North have taken place. If so, and you have a photo from back then, please either scan it and send it on to me or give me the original and I shall do the scanning. I am keen to document the  relationship between the two Lodges as fully as I can. To that end, in a subsequent issue I shall publish any photos I can gather together of visits by No XII to London. To that end, as above, I should be delighted to see any  photos that you have yourself from visits to the Metropolis.

Bro Iain White PM

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