scroll down for photograph of office bearers installed on the night

Office   Office Bearer  
Right Worshipful Master   Bro. Allan T Glen
Immediate Past Master   Bro. Allan I MacFeate PM
Depute Master   Bro. James P Livingstone
Substitute Master   Bro. Iain White PM
Worshipful Senior Warden   Bro. J Robert Crossan
Worshipful Junior Warden   Bro. Brian McFadyen
Secretary    Bro. Kenneth C MacDougall PM  
Treasurer   Bro. David D Stevenson  
Almoner   Bro. Alistair Glenny PM
Chaplain   Bro. Allan I Jess
Senior Deacon   Bro. David G Martin
Junior Deacon   Bro. A Campbell Snoddy
Director of Ceremonies   Bro. Kenneth K Morrison PM
Architect   Bro. James McGregor Snr.
Jeweller   Bro. John W Dyer
Bible Bearer   Bro. Alex R Johnston
Sword Bearer   Bro. James McGregor Jnr.  
Director of Music   Bro. Paul Stevenson
Piper   Bro. Andrew Muir
Marshal   Bro. Hector Macphail PM  
Inner Guard   Bro. Robert Marshall
President of Stewards   Bro. Anthony Buckley
1st Assistant Steward   Bro. Fraser N Cameron
2nd Assistant Steward   Bro. Mark I Robertson
3rd Assistant Steward   Bro. M Barry Banks  
Tyler   Bro. Ewen MacLean  

D71 3265

Back row: Dir of Music Bro Paul Stevenson, Sword Bearer Bro James McGregor Jnr, Architect Bro James McGregor, Pres of Stewards Bro Tony Buckley, Piper Bro Andrew Muir, Junior Deacon Bro Campbell Snoddy, 1st Assistant Steward Bro Fraser N Cameron, Senior Deacon Bro David Martin, 2nd Assistant Steward Bro Mark I Robertson, Inner Guard Bro Robert Marshall, Treasurer Bro David Stevenson, Chaplain Bro Allan I Jess, Bible Bearer Bro Alexander R Johnson

Front row: WSW Bro J Robert Crossan, Bro Robert J Bain PM, Director of Ceremonies Bro Kenneth K Morrison PM, RWPGM & Depute Master Bro James P Livingston, Bro Alan D Beck PM, Substitute Master Bro Iain White, RWM Bro Allen T Glen, Secretary Bro Kenneth C MacDougall PM, Almoner Bro Alistair Glenny PM, IPM Bro Allan I MacFeate PM, Marshal Bro Hector Macphail PM, WJW Bro Brian McFadyen

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