Recent Past Masters

Alan D. Beck PM - RWM 2012 - 2014

Bro Alan was proposed by Bro Iain White PM and seconded by Bro Jack Glenny PM.  He was installed into the Chair on November 20th 2012 and again the following year.  He states that there were many highlights in his time as Master but will never forget the deputation of the visiting brethren entering the lodge on the night of his first installation - it seemed never-ending with approximately 130 attending the ceremony the brethren in the North and South of the carpet met breast to breast in the middle.

As RWM, Bro Alan made 250 visitations to other lodges and to mark this achievement he presented NoXII with the beautiful hand-crafted oak easel upon which the tracing boards are placed when a lecture is given.  It is his dearest wish to still be serving his Mother Lodge when she reaches her 300th anniversary in 2028.

Robert J. Bain PM – RWM 2003-2005 and 2011  
       BobBainRecentPM   Bro Bob joined Greenock Kilwinning NoXII in 1984. Proposed by Bro Ian Galbraith and Bro M. Smillie, both work colleagues at Greenock Fire Station. Became Secretary of the Lodge in 1985 till 1990. Bob has many great memories as RWM, but receiving a visit from the Most Worshipful Grand Master Bro. Sir Donald Orr Ewing at a regular Meeting on 7th September 2004 was very special. Bob hopes to continue serving his Mother Lodge for many years to come. 

Peter Sinclair PM - RWM 1987  
 Joined The Craft in 1976 at his Mother Lodge, NoXII.  He was proposed by his father, Bro Andrew Sinclair and  seconded by Bro James Sloan.  He ascended to The Chair on 17 November 1987.  Peter states that he "found this a huge honour to follow such a long line of notable Masters in such an old Lodge".   His most memorable moment as RWM was when he was given the honour to address a Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.   RWM Peter Sinclair