GMMWarm fraternal and seasonal greetings to you and your families and to all in Scottish Freemasonry worldwide.

I would like to thank you all for the personal commitment you put into our wonderful Order and for your time and resources that make Scottish Freemasonry second to none.  All your work has shone a light on our Order, letting others see the effect that we continue to have and our growth as an organisation.

Well done!

It is an honour to again be your Grand Master Mason and to serve all the Brethren as we move forward together.

For your information at this stage, it has been decided that we will move away from issuing a weekly Grand Master Mason’s update and towards a Grand Lodge Newsletter—probably issued four times a year—which will contain a wide range of articles and information.  I was, however, very keen to write to you all personally immediately after my installation and thank you for your support before we start this new venture.

We are now doing things differently and, on many occasions, we are being forced to adapt to new ways of operation.  To enable us to grow our influence, as an Order we have to focus on how we move forward.  Let us, of course, stop and celebrate a little all the achievements we have made.  We must most certainly celebrate and thank Most Worshipful Brother Ramsay McGhee for his term as Grand Master Mason and for the positive impact he has had on Scottish Freemasonry.  But as Brethren, you have done many good, and some great, things that we need to detail:

  • There is a long list of charitable groups, but also a long list of Scottish Freemasons who, as individuals, serve their community as volunteers and make unique responses to making the lives of others better.
  • We continue to cross boundaries in our world.  We are an organisation that has no borders—we will continue to work together for “unity” and “harmony”.
  • We are an organisation open to new discoveries and knowledge—just look at how we have used and shared knowledge on platforms such as Zoom in recent years.
  • We are an organisation that is welcoming and which cares for others, and we have evidence of this through our charitable works.

May I send YOU as Freemasons this seasonal greeting, in words similar to those used by Mother Teresa of Calcutta:

“Everyone we meet should leave happier.”

May the Joy and Hope of this coming Festive Season be with you and your families.

In the busy weeks to come, could you close your eyes for just a moment and remember everything that is good in Scottish Freemasonry; then open your eyes, surprise yourself, and in the year to come put those memories into action.

My Brethren, may each of you, your Lodges and your families have a Joyous Festive Season and Hope in the New Year.

I was recently perusing the writings of some Korean poets and came across words that stuck with me and that I wish to share with you:

The most exciting thing in life is setting out!

Upwards and onwards,

Brother Joe Morrow

Grand Master Mason


TempleI would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our newly installed RWM, his WWs and all other Office Bearers wishing them all a successful and enjoyable term of office for the good of Freemasonry in general and this our Lodge No. XII in particular.

The WM, Officers and Brethren of Kurtt Tucholsky Lodge No. 1060 – of which I happen to be the founding WM – join me in doing so.

No. 1060 had its 10th anniversary in November this year. It coincided with my 40th anniversary as a Mason in September.

There will be a festive meeting in January 2024 as we couldn't find a date in November/December of this year when our founder members, honorary members etc. were able to attend.

The celebration will take place in new premises.

The hotel where the Lodge has been meeting for nearly 10 years had put up the prices to a level the Lodge neither could nor wanted to afford.

Ante-roomTherefore it moved to Münster using the Masonic hall belonging to the local Lodge Zu den drey Balken – the pictures attached show the temple and the ante-room. There is also a room for the festive board and a bar. The ground floor of the building now used for Masonic purposes used the be e pob.

Since that move the Lodge has welcomed joining members and initiates.

Wishing all my fellow members of No. XII and their loved ones Merry Christmas and happy new year I greet them all cordially and fraternally


1920LOGO f blue gold No INST 1728

Twelve Talk 165 has been added to the documents section of the website. It includes a warm welcome from our newly installed RWM Bro James P Livingstone and also a report on the installation, as well as other excellent information.

A very big thank you Bro Iain White PM for your continued research and production of this great publication.

You can find it under the documents  tab on the menu of our website or at the bottom of our home page.

Note: Only lodge members can view the latest minutes under 'documents' menu after logging in.