Special Meeting - 290th Anniversary & Festival of St John the Evangelist

On Thursday, 27th of December the brethren of Lodge Greenock Kilwinning NoXII celebrated the 290th anniversary of the lodge, on the Feast Day of St John the Evangelist. Such an event has not taken place on this date since the lodge's bicentennial meeting  in 1928.
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The lodge was opened in due and antient form by Bro J Robert Crossan RWM in the Chair. It is worthy of note, that as in bygone days of yore the brethren sat in open lodge at properly set tables. As is the tradition of the lodge, the deputation of visitors was led by the Master of Lodge Doric Kilwinning 68 who was invited to join Bro Crossan in the East. The Director of Ceremonies, Bro Allan MacFeate, PM then presented the PG Master, his Depute and a deputation from PG Lodge. After the Master had presented the emblem of power and authority to the PG Master, the gavel was returned and the minute of the first meeting of Lodge Greenock Kilwinning, dated 27th December 1728, was read by the lodge Secretary and thereafter the lodge went from Labour to Refreshment. An excellent meal of steak pie and vegetables, followed by a superb cheese course and tea/coffee was then served. Two verses of the National Anthem was sung and the usual loyal and Masonic toasts were observed and the PG Master replied to the appropriate ones. The singing of Rule Britannia was lustily led by Bro Alan D Beck PM and Bro Iain White PM then gave a short presentation on "NoXII and The Feast of St John the Evangelist" wherein he spoke of the importance of this date to the lodge and also gave a very interesting resume of various St John's Day meetings from the lodge's history.

Bro Beck PM then gave a talk entitled "Looking Forward to the Tercentenary" wherein he described the format of the 300th anniversary meeting and how the funds required to pay for its celebrations might be raised.

Bro James Hamilton, Master of Lodge Doric Kilwinning 68 replied eloquently to the Toast to The Visitors from Junior Warden Bro Robert J Bain PM. The special prize raffle of corporate hospitality for four people at Greenock Morton (worth £400) was won by Bro Ronnie McCallum, Senior Deacon of Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning 217. Thereafter the lodge was returned from Refreshment to Labour and then closed in due and antient form.

All in all this was a lovely and significant meeting for Lodge Greenock Kilwinning and all who were there agreed that it had been a privilege to have been involved in such an historic night for the lodge. The next meeting of NoXII scheduled to take place on the Feast Day of St John the Evangelist will be on Wednesday 27th of December, 2028 - the 300th anniversary of the lodge ... it is expected to be an even "grander" affair!

Bro Alan D Beck, PM

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